SavePatches allows anyone to broadcast a fundraising event quickly, easily and best of all, for free. Instead SavePatches charges a low fee of 10% of total donation amount (we do not take any fees from Gift Aid). This fee goes towards the large hosting costs associated with online video streaming and all remaining funds are reinvested to continually improve SavePatches and its service to you.

Considering some large organisations take fees of 50% or more, we think our 10% fee is more than fair, especially as unlike others we do not charge Charities to be featured on the site and fundraisers can broadcast and monetise on their events for free.

You may have seen adverts throughout the site, it is our hope that one day soon the site can be completely funded through advertisements and the 10% fee can be scrapped permanently.

Eligible charities can also claim gift aid at 28% of donation amount. Full statistics on donations are provided to fundraisers allowing collection of Gift Aid.

SavePatches offers a unique service to fundraisers that they otherwise could not afford. It also offers a large audience base for events and takes care of the technological side of things, leaving fundraisers to do what they do best, raise money!

Managing Director, Save Patches

Fee Breakdown Fee Breakdown (With Giftaid)