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SavePatches allows anyone with an Internet connection and a camera to broadcast a fundraising event online and receive direct online donations from viewers. You can broadcast anything from concerts to theatrical performances, from gaming marathons to weddings and users are finding new and innovative fundraising events to broadcast everyday.

Fundraising through SavePatches is quick, easy and free*. Sign up today and from your dashboard you'll easily be able to:

  • Broadcast a pay-per-view event whereby users donate upon entry to your broadcast
  • Broadcast a free-to-view stream where viewers are not charged to watch your broadcast but can easily donate at any time whilst watching

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When selecting your broadcast options you can decide whether to collect for an Official SavePatches Charity**, so all the money raised through your broadcast is paid direct to that charity by us, or pick another cause, so all donations raised are paid into your account.

To raise money you can broadcast any fundraising event you want to on SavePatches and it is the viewers who decide whether they want to donate their money to your cause.

Your cause could be collecting sponsorship for a charity, or equally collecting money for a community project or for other reasons.

Before the event is on-air you can publicise the upcoming event to friends and others via social networks and other means, you may view our tips for advertising your event here. Once the event is on-air viewers can quick and easily donate money to your cause.

*It is free to register as a SavePatches Fundraiser, you only pay a small commission fee on funds donated to you
** For a charity to receive donations raised for them by fundraisers using this site, they will have registered as an Official SavePatches Charity