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What is SavePatches?
SavePatches is an innovative website that allows people looking to raise money to broadcast a live event on the site that others around the world can watch. People can donate directly whilst viewing the event if they wish.

How much does it cost?
It is completely free to sign up to SavePatches and no recurring fees or event fees are charged. SavePatches only takes a small commission of 10% of each donation which covers the significant cost of hosting online video streams. All remaining profits are continually reinvested in SavePatches to continually improve its service to you. More information can be found on our fees page.

Tell me more about the Company behind SavePatches
Save Patches Ltd. is a private limited company registered in the UK, number 07510763. This information is freely available to the public and can be verified through Companies House UK.


Creating an event:

How do I create a fundraising event on SavePatches?
Once you have signed up for an account you will be able to sign into your user profile area, called a user dashboard. From here you will be able to create and broadcast your fundraising event. When first setting up an event you will need to go to the ‘Schedule Event’ section, where you will be able to enter details about your event broadcast. These details will allow others to find your event stream page and also give information on your event and the cause you are collecting for. Once you have entered the required details click the ‘Create My Event’ button. Next you will have to schedule your event, allowing users to know when the event will start and how long you expect it to go on for. Once these details are saved your event has been created! Now all you have to do is log into your account when the time comes for your broadcast to start and go to the 'Your Events' section to start broadcasting your event to the world!

How and when are my collected donations sent to me or my chosen Charity?
All collected donations are paid to the event holder or their chosen Charity on a weekly basis.

What do I need to be able to use SavePatches?
All you need is a computer with Internet connection and a webcam or camera that allows streaming to the web. If you have opted for collected donations to be sent to you then you will also require a PayPal account for funds to be paid into.


Fundraising with SavePatches:

How does SavePatches work?
By creating a free account with SavePatches you can easily broadcast an event to raise money online. Simply follow the steps for registration, once registered you will be able to sign into your account. From here users are easily able to create an event, then schedule a time and date for it. Your event page will then be created giving you a link for the web page broadcasting your event, which you can share with friends, family and whoever else will watch. When the time comes simply log into your SavePatches account, click 'Broadcast now!', turn on your webcam and broadcast your fundraising event. The viewers you have invited can donate directly whilst viewing your event, but you may also be surprised by the amount of generous random visitors you have to your online event!

Can I communicate with people watching my event stream?
You can chat with viewers via the built in real-time chat. Donations are also shown on the event stream page along with an optional donator message.

What shall I broadcast?
You may choose to broadcast an event already planned (like a Charity concert) or create an entirely new event tailor made for online broadcasting (such as a gaming marathon). SavePatches can be used to broadcast fundraising events ranging from pop concerts to chat shows, from charity seminars to weddings, from 24 hour gaming marathons to radio shows - the possibilities are endless. Visit
our event ideas section to learn more.

Do I have to fundraise for Charity?
You are able to fundraise for any cause or reason on SavePatches, we leave it to viewers to decide whether the cause is worthy of donation. If you are looking to raise money for a registered Charity then you can select that Charity when setting up an event and SavePatches will pay collected donations direct to the Charity. These events will have the SavePatches Official Charity seal clearly shown at the top of the event screen broadcast. If you are looking to fundraise for other reasons, collected donations will be sent to your PayPal account. In this case viewers are clearly informed that collected donations are being sent to the event holder and not a registered Charity.

What kind of event can I broadcast?
Any event can be broadcast on SavePatches. In this day and age Internet and Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere meaning the opportunities for online event broadcast are endless; users are coming up with innovative event ideas everyday. If you are stuck for ideas, a list of possible fundraising events can be found on
our event ideas page.

How can my friends find my online event?
If you have registered on SavePatches and have created an upcoming event, you will have a web page link for the webpage your event will be shown on. This can then be given to friends and others. Alternatively friends can simply search for your name, event name, Charity or any relevant keywords through the search box on SavePatches at the top of the screen. Your event can be promoted through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and various other ways. You can find more information on advertising your online event on
our event promotion page.


Donating on SavePatches:

How do I know my donation is going to what it says it is?
A number of registered Charities are signed up to SavePatches, allowing fundraisers to choose a Charity they want collected donations to benefit. SavePatches sends collected donations directly to the chosen Charity, meaning the event holder never has access to the donations. These events carry the SavePatches Official Charity seal at the top of the event broadcast. If the Official Charity seal is not present, givers must be aware that donations are sent to event holders, not a registered Charity.

How do I donate to events?
Donating to events is secure, quick and easy. If you want to donate to an event you are watching, simply scroll down the page and click the ‘Donate’ button. From here you will be prompted for the amount you wish to give. We have partnered with PayPal to ensure the highest levels of online security. You will be able to pay with all major credit cards or direct from your PayPal account. You will also be able to leave a personalised message displayed with your name and donation amount on the event stream page.

How do I find my friends or events?
You can easily find friends, events, Charities or other keywords by typing them in the search box located at the top of the screen on all savepatches.com web pages. In the unlikely instance you do not at first find what you are looking for, you can narrow down your search. Alternatively you can browse different categories from the tabs at the top of all savepatches.com web pages.



Are there any free webcam programs that will add effects to my broadcast?
If you are looking to create special effects on your webcam broadcast such as text, picture-in-picture or even looking to broadcast your computer screen in place of your webcam feed, there are plenty of free webcam programs available on the web. If you are a windows user you can download Manycam for free or Webcammax. If you are a Mac user you should consider Camtwist, although there is a basic version of Manycam available for Mac.

I want to put on a gaming marathon, how do I stream footage straight from my game console?
Streaming your gaming screen in place of your webcam is a great way of allowing others to follow your gaming marathon and is surprisingly easy to do. Firstly you will have to purchase a capture card for your computer, which can be bought very cheaply at most electrical stores or through our webcam store.  The capture card is connected to your computer and your game console/DVD/VCR or television and will display an exact copy of what is shown on your television on your computer screen. You can then download free online webcam software such as Manycam, which will allow you to broadcast your computer screen (or a certain section of the screen) in place of your webcam feed. There are plenty of youtube tutorials available online if you are still unsure how to broadcast your gaming screen.