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Save Patches SavePatches Example Event This is an example of the event stream page, where people can watch, interact and donate to your causes. The SavePatches team. £0.00 £3.00 View Event
Charlotte Evans Charli's Sponsored Head Shave I am shaving my head for the charity villagebyvillage who I worked with in West Africa, Ghana. They aim to reach 100 villages by 2016 providing education, saniation and clean water, but recently, a devestating cholera outbreak has devestated the c £0.00 £0.00 View Event
Alice Johnson The House of Secrets You can never be sure what exists behind a closed door. Neighbours on quiet streets go about their days, unaware, and unsuspecting of the secrets that hide close by. 'The House of Secrets' invites you, as part of a limited, small audience, to witnes £500.00 £0.00 View Event
Handy Malala fundraising for poor children in Madagascar Hello everyone, my name is Handy and I am the president of TO.HA.T.RA association. This is a small association here in Madagascar. We help poor children, their parents and children in prison. I'm raising money because we need to buy warm clothes for £5,000.00 £0.00 View Event
matt mcleish wedding - matt and marie-jeanne 2230 hours (UK) 28th Sept 2012. marie-jeanne and I will be getting married and we would be honoured if you could come and watch. xx £0.00 £0.00 View Event