SavePatches charges no one-off fees, subscriptions or recurring costs. We only charge a small fee on collected donations raised for your Charity, find out more.

In order to register to feature on SavePatches, your Charity should be registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and/or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, unless your Charity is exempt. Currently SavePatches only features Charities from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

To register your Charity to feature on SavePatches you will need to provide us with certain details in order to confirm your Charity status and allow us to create your Charity profile page.

  • Your Charity's name, registered number and address, and your contact details as Charity representative.
  • In order to create a profile page for your Charity we will require a short paragraph of information on your Charity and the work you do, along with your Charity logo to display.
  • Details of your Charity PayPal account* to pay collected donations into.

SavePatches will notify you of all fundraising events in aid of your Charity. Once the event is finished all collected donations will be sent straight to your Charity PayPal account. We provide detailed statistics of all contributors along with all necessary information required for collection of Gift Aid.

* In order for us to pay collected donations straight to your Charity you will require a PayPal account. We have partnered with PayPal due to the advanced fraud protection and online security it offers. If your Charity does not currently have a PayPal account you will have to open one. They have special Charity and not-for-profit accounts and are completely free to open and use, see for more information.